Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some September Updates

My students took their admissions exam for the university yesterday.  They get the results in November, and although it's not a huge deal if they don't pass (there's an agreement and scholarship between the Center and the University because of the work we do here to advance the lives of these poor young women), it's a huge deal if they do pass, and there's an opportunity for more money.  I had no idea how to prepare them, so I prepared them as best I could, as intensely as I could in Bio, Chem and Math, and then found out yesterday it probably would have been better to just review the basics of everything.  The test was only 30 min, with about one fundamental question from each topic on the list.  There was also a 30 min logical reasoning test, and a 567 question psychological examination.  I just hope I didn't fail them too much.

Only one week left of classes before the two-three weeks of exams/cleanup.  The year flew by.

Which brings me to this point, that I'm definitely staying here for another year.  I'm pretty sure everyone already knows already, including all of the girls that I've been trying to keep it a secret from.  But, here it is, officially stated.  So, another year for all of you to come down and visit!

I have other journal entries about things that have gone on in the past few months, but I don't think I'm going to post them.  At first I was trying to share as much as possible with all of you, but with my thoughts and reflections moving past the differences in life here and the new environment, I found myself exploring more the differences that I found in myself, my feelings, my thoughts on things I am unsure about...more personal stuff, harder to share.  

So, if anyone has any questions you can reach out to me via email and I'll answer those completely honestly and openly.  I just don't feel right posting some things on the internet for everyone in the world (apparently, I've had readers in Denmark, Russia, Ireland, Spain, Brazil and a few other countries) to stumble upon.  For example, if anyone would like to read my reaction to one of the girls running off with her boyfriend, just email and ask.  So far we've had 7 girls stop coming, most of them recently.  In some ways it's been hard, in some ways it's so expected that it felt normal.

I might continue to update like this, more sporadically and briefly, but I think it's about time I admit to myself that I'm not going to keep posting the detailed updates like I did earlier, if only so I stop feeling bad about not keeping all of you up to date.  Also, look for pictures when I go home in December and have internet.  

All my love and prayers to everyone at home.  It's not that I want to leave and get out of here, but I miss the family and friends, and can't wait to get back and spend some time with you.  I hope everyone is in good health and peace.