Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Community Covenant

This is the community covenant that Cassie, Chris and I came up with last Wednesday after a lot of time together spent on reflections and getting-to-know your values type exercises, with input from Tori after Skyping with her.  It is how we are going to try to conduct ourselves daily and live together.

Honduras Extension Program Community Covenant 2011
       As an intentional community, we hope to establish a welcoming home that provides us with a physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually safe environment.  We recognize that this endeavor will be an intentional struggle, a process that we will continually and determinedly have to adapt to and form as we serve together.

       In order to create an environment where we attain these goals, we will live simply and in solidarity with the larger community of the mission and Guaimaca.  Solidarity requires a deeper understanding of the greater community, and to this end we will actively learn about and participate with the cantrachos we encounter daily.  Likewise, we will respect each member of our service community so that we can fully grow into role models-- role models as US citizens, and role models for future Extension Program volunteers.  

When we return to our house every night, we want to enter an environment that will feel productive, positive, and balanced; not only with our work duties, but also with our internal relationships and personal development.  Open and honest reflection, both private and shared, is a vital centerpiece to our formation.  Although we eventually want our community to feel like a family, we realize that it will be a constant work in progress and that we will have to maintain open communication based on a foundation of trust and tolerance.  In order to build trust, we must remain dedicated to each other and care for one another.  

      These are the goals we set for ourselves this year, but they remain flexible.  As we strive to become an integrated part of the Guaimaca community, we will learn more about ourselves and the methods to fulfill our goals.  We will be successful this year when we incorporate our new knowledge and understanding into this endeavor we have undertaken.

Con paz y amor, los amigos de Stonehill College y Northeastern University,

Victoria Godfrey
Christopher McCormick
Matthew Rigby
Cassondra White

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