Saturday, January 7, 2012

I forget

Sometimes I forget that, despite how much I may have learned, I and my faith will continue to be tested, and that even if I work with some goals in mind, they're not necessarily exactly the same as God's goals.

This afternoon I was again struck with a deep appreciation for my family because, in my despair over the situation with Sandra, they reminded me of my faith.  Sandra may not immediately be doing what we discussed, but I need to have faith that what I did was part of God's plan, just as her current choice was.  Even if I understand none of it.

And, I was reminded again of how fortunate I am with my friends.  Today I received some wise teacher advice from one, which helped put things in perspective.  Then, after reading some simple words in an email (not specifically about the current situation) from Meg, my friend volunteering with the Peace Corps in Thailand, I was reminded why I do what I do.  These three lines, "I am really proud of you. You found happiness in the process of providing happiness to others. What more can we ask for?" reminded me of the little things that make it worthwhile.

I wanted to delete the last post because I'm not exactly proud of my reactions and doubts, but it's honest. We all forget sometimes, right?


  1. ...may God's will be done!
    We too have thoroughly enjoyed having you home...and fattening you up! I will miss you terribly, but am thrilled that you are returning to a place where you are loved and where you can show your very special ability to love. After all, our purpose here on earth is to know, love and serve God. May God be with you Matthew, and bless you with a year of continued love, hope, peace, happiness, and of course safe keeping. We love you, and look forward to the next time we are blessed with your very special presence. Mommy :)

  2. Thank you! Everyone has noticed that I'm fatter, but they all say it's in a good way. Just fingers crossed against getting sick again!
    I love you too, and hope that everyone is doing well.
    Miss you.