Thursday, May 17, 2012

Great teaching moment today

I walked back into my classroom after the break and found all of my students working on a math problem we left half finished in the class time before. Not only were they all working without being told, they were helping each other out!  It's even more incredible because what high schooler actually wants to do Radioactive Decay problems?


  1. That is the beauty and grace of teaching. Sometimes when you think you don't make a difference, you do! And sometimes it's the dynamics of the class. Classes can change each year because people are all different. Teachers change because they have opportunities every year with new experiences...whether good or not so good. A concientious and caring teacher is more than any class can ask for. You are called right now in your life to make a difference in these girls lives...and you are! Take some simple advice from a "teacher of sorts"...Don't be too hard on yourself in the "down times" of teaching, and don't forget to "pat yourself on the back" every now and then for your accomplishments!Some of which you may not even see until God decides to show you. Love and prayers to you and all there! Mommy

    1. Thanks for the comment Mommy, and for the advice. I definitely need to remember to not get so hard on myself, and to give myself more credit. Problems I've always had but hopefully I'm getting better about it!