Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Change in the Santa Rosa de Lima Parish

This past weekend Father Craig, the pastor at our parish, left to return to the Fall River Diocese after almost eight years of service here.  In my time here, his presence has been a blessing, not just because he celebrated American holidays, but because his guidance and expression of faith was a very important part of my own journey since coming here more than a year and a half ago.  I have gone to hundreds of masses here, but I didn't I sleep during any one of his homilies!  More than just staying awake, though, he always had something to say that we connected to and took home to think on more.

On Saturday the Cardinal came with the new priest, Padre Jonathon, to officially install him in his new community and to give thanks to Father Craig for all the work he has done here with the mission.  It was a beautiful mass, with the church more full than I have ever seen it; many people came from the aldeas as well as from town, which is difficult for them to do and doesn't happen often.

Here are some pictures of the mass:

Padre Jonathon with the Cardinal and Fr. Craig sitting

Half of the packed church welcoming Padre Jonathon

Future Extension Volunteers will come to a very different Guaimaca than the one I came to last January, for many reasons, but I have confidence and faith that they will continue to have fulfilling and challenging experiences.

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